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Welcome to the USS TICONDEROGA Veterans' Association!
The mission of the USS TICONDEROGA Veterans Association is to perpetuate the memory of the Essex-class aircraft carrier USS TICONDEROGA (CV/CVA/CVS-l4) commissioned May 8, 1944, and the first AEGIS cruiser USS TICONDEROGA CG-47 commissioned January 22, 1983, and ship's company of these U.S. Navy vessels, to include those of all 26 additional TICONDEROGA-class cruisers.


Membership is open to all USS TICONDEROGA CV-CVA-CVS-14 and CG-XX personnel having served aboard these ships. In addition, membership shall be opened to other military or civilian official passengers who served aboard these ships while underway (such as flight/air group personnel, technicians, news media, space-moon shot recovery personnel, etc.). Associate membership shall be opened to relatives and friends of members who wish to participate in the association activities. An associate member shall pay annual dues and have all rights of a member except they may not cast a vote in the business of the association.


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National Cemetery Burial Eligibility in the 21st Century


On September 1, 1973, the VA became steward of the 112-year-old National Cemetery System, the forerunner of the National Cemetery Administration (NCA). Today, NCA (www.cem.va.gov) manages 155 national cemeteries in the United States and provides grant-funding to 122 state, territory and tribal Veterans cemeteries.  Over 4.1 million Veterans of every conflict—from the Revolutionary War to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—are honored by burial in these cemeteries.

NCA has assisted millions of Veterans and their families in scheduling and arranging for burial at national cemeteries for themselves and their spouses.  In 2016, NCA developed a Pre-Need Eligibility application to assist families with burial planning.  No longer do Veterans or spouses need to wait until the time of death to find out if they are eligible for burial in a national cemetery or for memorial benefits such as a headstone, flat marker, or bronze medallion for use in private cemeteries.

In FY 2023, 55,374 Pre-Need applications were approved. There were 139,360 interments in national cemeteries and 33,556 headstones and markers provided for burial in private cemeteries. Pre-Need applications require the Veteran’s social security number, date/place of birth, military status and service history such as service dates, discharge character, and rank—information commonly found on the DD214 or other separation documents. If you do not have discharge documents, NCA staff will help obtain the information needed to determine eligibility. Applicants can apply: online at www.va.gov/burials-memorials/pre-need-eligibility/,  via mail or fax using this form www.va.gov/find-forms/about-form-40-10007/, or simply search for "NCA Pre Need” on the internet.


If you have questions about future burial needs for yourself or a living dependent of a Veteran, or you need assistance with the submitting an application, please call 800-535-1117 and press 4. NCA’s Scheduling Office is open Monday through Friday 8:00am to 7:30pm EST and Saturday 9:00am to 5:30pm EST except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.  Telecommunications Relay Services or TTY available at 711.   


"The Last of the Greatest Generation"
Author J. Robert Gould reveals a tale set in modern times in his first book, The Last of the Greatest Generation.  It's a great mystery novel wrapped up in a World War II international story, created in two timelines with parallel love stories and an alcoholic reporter with a nose of a good plot.
Featuring the USS TICONDEROGA (CV-14), nations collide as the last living World War II veteran races against time to share the harrowing secrets he's held on to for half a century. When fate steps in to disrupt his plans, the story takes on a fast-paced, masterful turn as the truth emerges, secret by secret, that will change history.
"I couldn't put it down!"
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The Deck Logs Project
(Article from oldbluewater.com)
 The Deck Logs Project was undertaken by members of the original Blue Water Navy
Vietnam Veterans Association to document when certain ships were within Vietnam
Territorial Seas defined as 12 miles from Baseline. The Vietnam War Era covered by
the analysis is January 1962 through May 1975.
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