The mission of the USS TICONDEROGA Veterans Association is to perpetuate the memory of the Essex-class aircraft carrier USS TICONDEROGA (CV/CVA/CVS-l4) commissioned May 8, 1944, and the first AEGIS cruiser USS TICONDEROGA CG-47 commissioned January 22, 1983, and ship's company of these U.S. Navy vessels. The purpose of the Association shall also be to exchange mementos and memories of tours of duty. We are a non-profit 501(c)(19) association incorporated in the State of Illinois May 24, 1999, in perpetuity. Additional purposes of this Association include:


(a) planning and arranging annual general membership (reunion) meetings;


                     (b) locating former shipmates and urging their participation in this Association;
                     (c) contributing mementos, pictures, plaques, artifacts, insignia, papers, letters,
                          or other memorabilia relating in any way to the activities of, or service aboard,
                          the aforementioned ships; and
                     (d) establishing, administering, and accepting voluntary contributions to accomplish the
                          purpose of any approved and adopted memorial program of the association.